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Dear Reader    

You may not be aware of the incredible benefits such as weight loss, health and youthful proprieties of the Wu-Long Tea. The truth is that WuLong (also known as Oolong Tea) has been used in the Chinese culture for over hundreds and thousands of years for it’s proven health benefit.

Today Wu Long/Oolong Tea is mostly famous in the west for it's capability to melt away fat in all of those difficult areas of the human body such as: belly, waist, hips and thighs within a 3 to 6 week period of proper use!

Although the effects and benefits of this Tea may sound too good to be true, I guarantee it is not!

The fact is, these claims are absolutely real! Best of all, not only are there scientific proof to support these claims, but everyday there are more and more people discovering how powerful WuLong/Oolong Tea really is!



Before I go into all of the "benefits" of this tea, let me share with you my story.

My name is Paolo Tiberi and I have been Overweight for a long time. On top of that I suffered:

Digestive Disorders such as: Poor digestion, abdominal bloating, nausea especially after eating fatty foods, weight gain around the abdomen and constipation. If you ever wake up in the morning with bad breath or a coated tongue, your liver definitely needs cleansing!

Mood and Attitude Changes like: Unpleasant and erratic mood changes, a general feeling of depression, `foggy brain' and an impaired ability to concentrate or remember things.

High blood pressure and fluid retention with unstable blood sugar levels causing chronic fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness and cravings for sugar.

I was basically a big mess. This was a daily struggle that seemed to never end. The main problem was that I had a 'overworked liver', lacked physical activity and an overweight body. As my health deteriorated, I decided to do something about it.

It was in late 2004 when I saw an episode on The Oprah Winfrey Show called "Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days" featuring Dr Nigel Perricone. Mr Perricone has written a number of books which has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their lives.

Dr Perricone said some interesting things about Oolong Tea. Here is the original transcript from the Oprah show:

"Oprah: Now I've read in your book that you said if I just replaced coffee with green tea instead, that I could lose 10 pounds in six weeks.

Dr. Perricone: Absolutely.

Oprah: Now really. How could that -- what is the big deal about this?

Dr Perricone: Coffee has organic acids that raise your blood sugar, raise insulin. Insulin puts a lock on body fat. When you switch over to green tea, you get your caffeine, you're all set, but you will drop your insulin levels and body fat will fall very rapidly. So 10 pounds in six weeks, I will guarantee it.

Oprah: I'm gonna do that. OK. That is so good! Whoo! That is great."

Please note that this does not mean that Oprah is endorsing this site in any way. It's just that she aired an episode on the benefits of what Oolong Tea can provide.

That show inspired me to turn my life around. I became a Personal Trainer, Fitness/Gym Instructor. I also began studing about Alimentation, Nutrition, Dieting and studied all the ‘Fad Diets’ out there.



During my Personal Training career, I came across several people who have spent a lot of money and time trying all sorts of fad diets and quick fixes to resolve their weight issues. I admit to having tried them myself before to lose weight but none of them really worked, until I tried drinking oolong tea. I guess the main point here is, you need to know how to use this tea correctly because there are indeed several other sites that sell Oolong Tea, but none of them tell you how to use it correctly and incorporate it in your daily life.

The thing is Wulong/Oolong Tea is a drink used by the ancient orients for detoxification and its health benefits... and the west has just caught on with the hype! I guess its better later than never!

The good news is, you, as my web viewer will be privy to some of the secrets I only ever tell my clients. All this will be revealed to you for Free on this website. There are also other extra bonuses, free trials and more.


After recommending Wulong/Oolong Tea to several of my clients and others worldwide, many experienced a loss of 9 pounds to 27 pounds in a period of 4-6 weeks. Those that lost very little were the ones that did not completely follow my advice on how to use Oolong Tea properly. They simply expected Oolong Tea to be a ‘Magic Pill’ that would fix all of their fitness problems without any alimentation changes.

The individuals who followed my advice (which I provide in my Weekly Online Ezine free of charge), lost an average of 15 pounds in a period of 4-6 weeks.



Here are some of the easy strategies to help you detoxify and lose weight. This is to be in synergy with drinking at least 2 cups of Oolong Tea a day. More information on these strategies are detailed in the E-book Bonus offer below.



When people talk about "negative calorie food", this means a food with a low calorie level that it takes more energy to eat it and digest it than the food actually contains.

These are the types of food that you can eat in unlimited quantity. For instance, if you consider water to be food, then cold water is certainly a negative calorie food. It contains no calories at all and the body has to expend energy to bring it up to blood temperature. So every time you drink a glass of cold water, you burn up a couple of calories and lose a little weight.

Celery is another example of a low calorie food. It does not contain enough calories to match the energy it takes to digest it. Plus, you expend energy even when you are not physically doing nothing. So that is why people call it a negative calorie food.

You will be able to access more information on Negative Foods when you purchase any of our Wulong Tea Packages.


One of our many problems is that we rush through the day, with hardly any time for anything. Accordingly, when it comes to eating, we also rush and just gobble up our meal.

You see, it takes approximately 20 minutes for our brains to register that we’re full. So if we eat too fast, we could easily eat past the point where we are already full. By eating slower, we know exactly when to stop and prevent over-eating and more chewing, means better for your digestion.

This practice alone can already have profound effects in your goal to weight loss.


Did you know that by substituting a glass of water for a carbonated beverage, you already cut out approximately 150 calories or more, depending on how much is consumed.

Let me put this in prospective.

If you drink 5 glasses of Soft Drinks per Day, you will have an intake of approximately 750 calories. This equals to 5,250 calories! As you need to burn 500 Calories per day to loose 1 pound a week… (as 1 Pound equals to 3,500 calories), with this strategy you could lose 1 pound a week by simply not drinking soft drinks!

But what if you could even get a drink that has more health benefits and burns more calories that water, whilst still drinking water whenever possible?

Well with the Original Oolong Tea you can get the Negative Calorie Benefits plus more!



Wu Long Tea - Oolong Tea Set
You see, Wu-Long/Oo-Long Tea has become so BIG that is now one of the hottest new Hollywood discoveries. This incredible ancient Chinese herb has movie stars to athletes competing for their own supply. Why? Wu-Long/Oo-Long Tea is a rare commodity! If you get this Tea/herb from specifice regions it is worth it's weights in gold! The best of these herbs from the most beneficial regions are almost never sold in quantities of less than a 90 servings and never for less than $45.00 (USD)., If you have seen an amazing deal such as this you are probably not getting the real deal has it would not be the original or most /premium Wu-Long Tea but likely just a mixure of low quality variaties.
The Benefit of Geen Tea and Wulong Tea have been widely Advertised and you may have been left behind?
natural medicine magazine the Tea Experience magazine The Health magazine The Muscle Media magazine Slimming Down magazine


In the Eastern and now in Western Countries Wu Long tea is known by scientists and researchers to have different positive benefits on one’s health.

Tea Plant
Unfortunally because Wu-Long/OoLong Tea has become so BIG that there are many sites that provided variation of this tea but not the real, original one. You see like most medicine the real Oolong Tea does not taste as good as Jasmine Tea but the effects on your body are Incredible. So make sure you get the Real Deal the Original One for best results if you do decide to supplement your diet with it. But let's go back to the benefits!

As the Benefits are too many to list here, I will just outline the ones that are supported by Scientific and Medical Researchers and Studies with relevance to this Tea.

For a detailed overview of the benefits and scientific references click on "Health & Weight Loss Benefits".

These studies suggest that drinking WuLong/OoLong on a daily basis can be beneficial for:


Chinease Tea 1st. BENEFIT: WuLong/OoLong Tea consumption Increase Metabolism Rate and total Calories Metabolised by the body.

Chinease Tea 2nd. BENEFIT: Wu long/Oolong beverages is known to elevate your metabolism by switching the body mechanisms to survive on Essential Fatty Acids rather than sugar.

Chinease Tea 3th. BENEFIT: Wulong/Oolong Tea can be an aid in fat-loss as it contains powerful anti-oxidant "Polyphenols", and "Flavanoids which are believed to have a role in activating enzymes in the body that break down body fat.

Chinease Tea 4th. BENEFIT: Wu-Long/Oolong Tea has been proven to suppress the appetite while moderating blood sugar levels. This is really important as this property can diminish the side effects of sugary products which when consumed can often bring on mood swings.

Chinease Tea 5th. BENEFIT: WuLong/OoLong beverages reduce the fattening effects of the carbohydrates you consume.

>>> #1 to 5 - Click Here to view Related Scientific Studies, Researches and References


Chinease Tea 6th. BENEFIT: It may help not only in nourishing the skin but also in clearing skin eczema.

Chinease Tea
7th BENEFIT: Wu Long/OoLong Tea had a incredible 50% Reduction in Free Radicals within just 15 days of consumption! Free Radicals have been connected with aging, the formation of wrinkles as well as, colored spots on the skin. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could use a natural product like this incredible tea to make you healthy and younger from the inside out?

>>> #6 to 7 - Click Here to view Related Scientific Studies, Researches and References


Chinease Tea 8th. BENEFIT: This Tea also contains detoxifying alkaloids such as Theine, Theophyline, Theobromine, and the calming amino acid Theanine.


Chinease Tea 9th BENEFIT: WuLong/OoLong Tea has properties that aid in the strengthening of the Immune System. People drinking this tea, had a stronger immune system which diminished greatly the risk of infections such as the common cold.

Chinease Tea 10th. BENEFIT: Because WuLong/OoLong beverages reduce the rise in insulin within the body it has the capability of diminishing and better controlling diabetes mellitus.

Chinease Tea 11th. BENEFIT: Wu Long/OoLong Tea prevent tooth decay by significantly inhibiting plaque deposits making teeth stronger and healthier. This is because WuLong/OoLong Tea is a powerful anti-bacterial that not only eliminates plaque but also leaves a thin film of resin that helps protect teeth.

Chinease Tea 12th. BENEFIT: Wu Long Tea has a unique effects against high Cholesterol.

Chinease Tea 13th. BENEFIT: Drinking greater amount of WuLong/OoLong Tea, has the capability to reduce certain types of Cancers.

Chinease Tea 14th. BENEFIT: Wu Long/OoLong Tea beverages has a positive effect on people with ulcers and stomach cancer as well as Tobacco Addiction and related diseases. In addition, tea is a natural bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory for the lung tissue, allowing otherwise struggling cells to recover.

Chinease Tea 15th BENEFIT: Wu Long/OoLong Tea helps control High Blood Pressure. This helps with the vascular system and in turn helps to diminish heart disease, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Chinease Tea 16th BENEFIT: This beverage also has an incredible 50% Reduction in Free Radicals which can be beneficial for many people with certain types of diseases like Parkinson's Disease (PD) and other brain related illnesses.

>>> #9 to 16 - Click Here to view Related Scientific Studies, Researches and References

Wu Long Tea - Oolong Tea Sequence

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Chinease Tea17th. BENEFIT:
Wu Long/OoLong Tea contains Mineral Content like: Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Copper and Fluorine are among the many minerals found in tea. In addition, it also contains Vitamin like A, B1, B2, C, E, K, P, U, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, and Niacinamide which are all considered an essential part to the bodies well being and in general good health.

Chinease Tea18th. BENEFIT:
In the esteemed Chinese pharmaceutical book “Bencao Shiyi” which translate into “The Compendium of Materia Medica” it’s reported that this Tea "will make one live long and stay in good shape."

Chinease Tea 19th. BENEFIT:
After drinking this tea many users report an increase in their attention span and focus as well as a general feeling of Mind-Body well-being.

Chinease Tea 20th. BENEFIT:
100% Natural. No additives or preservatives. Nature has made the leafs in the Tea not a Laboratory. Unlike artificial "metabolism boosters and fat burners," the WuLong/OoLong Tea is completely natural, there are no side effects(I simply do not know what this word was, try a new word or leave it out).

Chinease Tea 21st. BENEFIT:
Not only is WuLong/OoLong Tea is 100% natural but it is also delicious in taste, and it can easily be served as a hot beverage or as a fat-burning, healthy iced tea!

Chinease Tea 22th. BENEFIT:
It is Natural, Safe and Effective!

Chinease Tea 23th. BENEFIT:
Proven Success record! The WuLong/OoLong beverages has as been used for centuries and million of people overtime have used it. It's successful formula has been not only proven but maintained.

Chinease Tea 24th. BENEFIT:
It's such a revolution that this Tea's benefits are now all over the media in Health, Fitness and Life Style Magazines as well as television. So much so that Hollywood' is not only is taking notice, but also has begun considering this Tea a “MUST HAVE” supplement to any good diet/nutrition and fitness regiment. Today WuLong/OoLong Tea is used by famous athletes and celebrities.

Chinease Tea 25th. BENEFIT:
Although Premium Organic Wu Long Tea it is rare and expensive, when buying 3 months or more you are able to get the benefit of bulk buying and therefore making Wu Long Tea and overall un-expensive way to Fat-Burning, Metabolism Speed-Up and General Well Being. Infact with the 3 month Option, a serve (1 Cup) cost only $0.55 cents!

Chinease Tea And more...


Most site out there that offer Wulong/Oolong Tea don't really care about telling you how to use it properly. We care about you getting results that's why we provide a small Manuals of Do's and Don'ts when using this incredible tea to maximise your weight loss benefits and avoid common mistakes that can reduce your weight loss massively.



Please note that the WuLong, OoLong Tea is NOT SOLD in any stores, and supplies are extremely limited. As we provide the market place with the Best, the Original and Premium OoLong Tea and since our own China Contact cannot fulfil all our request for stock, we can just allow ONE 12 MONTH Order per person within any 12 months period until in stock. Thereafter a two to 6 Months Order only will apply.

If you don't wish to be left behind, and be disappointed please order today has we not only provide the Best and the Premium Wu-Long or Wu Tea but we do so at the most competitive price.

To check our special prices and purchase our Premium Organic Wu Long Tea now look below at our specials.



Not only is there the scientific proof to back this up, I am happy to announce that you can now try it risk free through my special offer! You see, as a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor I see the results with my clients every day, therefore if you will take the time to read a bit further, you’ll see that I am so confident in the power and effectiveness of this product that I will provide you a Risk-Free Try Out so you too can judge it’s effects on your body.

If after having personally tried this unique and effective weight-loss/fat-burning tea you haven't lost pounds and improved your health, simply return your order within 30 days, and I'll give you a prompt refund... no hard feelings and no hassles.

In the end… 30+ Scientific Researches all around the world are now proving under laboratory conditions that an unknown to westerner, mysterious wulong/oolong tea cultivated only in a remote area of China called Mt. Wu Yi Shan has the remarkable “fat-burning”, “health improving”, “aging reversing” benefits and properties when used on a daily basis instead of high-sugar and calories content beverages, that we have been accustomed to drinking.



People have been using Wulong/Oolong in China for thousands of years. In the last decade this remarkable Tea has been sold to people all over the world with incredible results. So do wait any longer try it out, risk free today!


The only challenge? Trying it for yourself!


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These are bonuses I created Personally to Start Losing Weight Right Now, there are pack with great tips and are EXCLUSIVE to my customers only!





I need to create more great Testimonials for this site. I want to use success stories of people that have used my latest Online E-Book Bonuses, Online Weekly E-Zine Training and Wulong/Oolong Tea showcased on this site.

Therefore, when using my online material and Oolong Tea, please take snapshot of yourself "before you start" and "one month after". If you have lost more than 10 pounds (4.5kg) and are willing to submit your photos and testimonial, I will send you a 12 Month supply of Wulong/Oolong Tea Absolutely Free (just pay $39.95 for Shipping and Handling!).



If the Tea itself, the competitive price, the extra bonus, and the fact that you are getting the Best and Premium Tea in the market place is not enough I also offer all new customers a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


money back guarantee


"Try Our Premium Wu-Long Tea  100% RISK FREE!"

YES!  I understand that I will try the Wu-Long Tea and if I am not completly sattisfied, lost weight, feel more energetic, feeling better after just 30 days of taking this incredible Tea I will be able to send back the rest and I' will get my money back!

With that in consideration, please send my parcel today!
For more information in regards to our Guarantee and Policies click here.
Seal of Approval

Now, has much as I would like to personally guarantee you that there will be no price rises, I cannot do this as with any commodity, prices fluctuate. Next week our offer might be discontinued and the e price might become substantially higher.
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