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As a Life Coach (more on me and my qualifications at: www.effectivelifestrategies.com)... and more specifically as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, my mission is to show people that there are many varieties of ways to improve their diet, physique and life. One of which is by using Wulong-Oolong Tea to Fasten the metabolism, and improve overall health, and sense of wellness.

Since I have designed this site to be about TEA I will just focus on this subject. Tea is a great beverage and itís properties and health benefits has been known for thousands of years in eastern regions and societies.

Most of the traditional herbs have in the recent years been clinically studied and many of their functions have been confirmed with modern technologies. More and more people are seeking natural therapy including herbal medicines because of the side effects of Western medicines.

Western Countries are just now starting to realize the benefits of drinking tea and all it has to offer.

I purchase my Wulong/Oolong tea from a importer that deals directly with the different tea farms in the most remote and exclusive regions related to this variety of tea. So I can bring you the best, and freshest quality at a reasonable price.

When I started brewing Wulong/Oolong tea for my own Fitness Goals a few years ago, I got hooked. Immediately I knew I wanted to share it with my family, friends and Personal Training Clients.

Today, my own experience with different varieties of Wulong/Oolong tea especially in regards to weight loss and my studies on the other health benefits of this beverage has created in me the desire to show the world what these beverages have to offer.

The powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidant's in this incredible Tea is more powerful than you will find in many of other products.

It is my firm belief that nature offers cures for nearly any type of medical condition; and it would be in an individuals "healthful interest" to see first what nature has to offer before resorting to any type of pharmaceutical drugs with synthetic ingredients.


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