Tea has a fascinating history, and although it’s origin can be traced to China, today tea is a part of every household in many different cultures.

For many in the Chinese culture, tea is one of the seven necessities to begin each day.

The earliest information about tea lies in a old folk stories. Legend has it that the God of Agriculture ‘GoA’ discover Tea. In GoA’s Book of Herbs it’s stated that GoA himself personally tasted hundreds of herbs to discover their properties. In his endeavours of tasting he was hit by 72 poisons contained in the different plants which he cured by using tea leaves as the tea leaves neutralized all the poisons.

That is probably why for thousands of years Tea was considered a medicine and not a beverage.

In some Chinese tea history resources, it is said that tea has been in existence for approximately 4,000 years.

Historically, tea is thought to have started in the year 2737 BC with the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung having a few leaves from a tree drift into his mug of boiling water, which he was advised to drink as it helps digestion.

Before the 8th century B.C., tea was used primarily as a medicine. Chinese tea history books noted that during the Chun Qiu Period (476 BC – 770 BC), the Chinese people chewed tea-leaves.

From the 8th century onwards, the Chinese started to realized that the tea can be used in foods and as a beverage.

Therefore it was used as an herb and cooked and eaten with soup. It was also used as a spice and blended with other spices in food preparation.

During the Qin, Han Dynasty (221 BC – 8 AD), simple processing of Chinese tea began. At this point in history tea leaves were pressed into ball shapes, dried and stored. After this process the stored tea is crushed and mixed with green onion, ginger and other spices for various beverage recipes. In fact it is at this time when Chinese tea was transformed from a medicine into a beverage.

In this same time Chinese tea began to be used as a treat for special guests, a luxury to offer visitors and those of high standing within society. That is why tea was first of all considered to be a beverage for the aristocracy and those who could afford such luxuries in life.

During the Jin Dynasty and Nan Bei Zhao (265 AD – 589 AD), Chinese tea became a common beverage available to all people.

Around 552 AD - Buddhist monks are believed to have brought tea for drinking as well as seeds of the Camellia Sinesis (the tea tree) to Japan, so that they too could have and grow their own tea.

700 AD / 800 AD - The Japanese were said to have perfected their tea processes and tea ceremony using the Cha Ching (The Book of Tea) written by Chinese scholar, Lu Yu,

As history progressed on to the Tang Dynasty (618 AD – 907 AD), tea trading had become extremely busy. Many famous teas were developed both before and by the Tang Dynasty.

In early 1667 AD Tea Reaches England

1700 AD tea is still new and rare in England. The King of England, Charles II places an extremely high tax on tea, making it inaccessible to the masses and a luxury that the upper classes alone can afford.

1773- The Boston Tea Rebellion/ The Boston Tea Party takes place, leading to American Independence.

1784 The tax on tea is reduced causing much of the tea smuggling trade to vanish nearly overnight as it ceases to be a lucrative trade.

1790 England become the centre of Tea variates and center of the world tea trade.

1800 Tea is available to nearly every city in the world.


We touched on Tea History but what about Wulong/Oolong Tea?

Wulong or Oolong Tea means literally 'Black Dragon' Tea. Although tradition says it had nothing to do with dragons but with the name of the person discovering it called Wu Liang. I will touch on this story in a moment but before I do that I want to clarify a common misconception about the difference in the terms Wulong and Oolong.

Often times I found that people are confused between Wulong Tea or Oolong Tea. The fact is that both names or titles refer to the same type of Tea. The only difference possibly being the type of processing and treatment of the tea leaves and fermentation.

“Wulong/Oolong” are a Chinese words, and since the Chinese language uses characters which represent entire syllables each character is morphemo-syllabic. Words spelled in western terms appear different.

The spelling "wulong" or "oolong" is a phonetic transcription of how the word would sound if spoken in Chinese Mandarin by Romanizing the sound. Romanization is the process of transcribing the sounds of spoken Chinese with letters from the Roman alphabet (A-B-C).

The Chinese characters for wulong tea or oolong tea are these:

Now here is where the confusion starts, as the first character is pronounced "oo" or "wu".

The second character is pronounced "long" and
The third character (tea) is pronounced "cha".

Therefore depending on the pronunciation you will have either "wulong" or "oolong".

So, back to our friend Wu Liang and the start of the Wu Long.

One day Wu Liang was going about his every day activities and went out a collect some wood for the fire and gather some tea leaves for the day.

After having collected enough wood for the day and a good amount of tea, his attention was caught by a deer, and of course Wu Liang being an hunter as well decided that some meat would make his wife very happy.

He was successful and brought the dear home, but he was so busy preparing the deer for the dinner that he forgot completely to dry the tea. The tea was left in the tea bag in which he collected it in the shed where he stored the wood.

They had some tea that his wife had previously prepared. Because of this the tea was forgotten in the wood shed for a few days until Wu Liang's wife requested more wood to be brought inside.

By the time he remembered the tea had started to change colour. Although he was worried that the tea might have gone bad, he didn't want to throw it away. Collecting tea leaves was a chore that required a bit of time and his wife wanted the tea for lunch.

When he finished the process and tea was ready he found that the Tea he just prepared smelled and tasted completely different. It was a new taste full of fantastic flavour. This new Tea was intense, aromatic in flavour and unlike anything he had ever tasted before.

His discovery was such a success that the rest is history! Soon after Wu-Liang's tea was known throughout the province and then throughout all of China.

Wulongs/Oolongs tea grew extremely fast and new varieties in taste were growing just as fast as the tea trees themselves. Many of these varieties had a character and depth that was not always present in other types of tea and was further successfully developed.

Eventually it became known as Wu-Long Cha (tea), or the Black Dragon Tea as it is most commonly black in colour.


STEP 1: Pour hot water in to a teapot or cup. The teapot or cup should be made out of a clay material.

The hot water will heat the clay, when you pour in the next measurement of boiling water the first amount of hot water has already warm the pot or cup.

STEP 2: Pour out the water you first used to heat the tea pot or cup.

STEP 3: Prepare the amount of tea you want to drink. Normally one spoonful of tea per 8oz cup, however this may vary depending on the tastes of the person drinking or preparing the tea.

STEP 4: Pour boiling water over the Tea. This allows the fragrance and the full, intense flavour to be realized more efficiently and fully. For the best tasting tea use bottled or filtered water.

STEP 5: Allow the tea to rest or steep for about 5 to 8 minutes. Be sure to cover the tea while steeping to prevent evaporation of the flavour.

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